Why Choose Us?

ProMerchant at its core is a company that works for the best
interest of its merchants, while providing an unmatched level of
expertise, transparency and service.

We Are “Pro” Merchant

ProMerchant (based in Boston, MA) is a leading provider of payment processing services to businesses of all sizes in the United States. From the very first moment of contact, we will work to have a complete understanding of your business by listening to you in a compassionate and competent manner.

We leverage our advanced knowledge of payments to set you up in a matter of hours with a low and transparent rate plan, or even a Zero Cost Processing option, that will save you the most money. Then, we will supply you with an easy to use, reliable and free state-of-the-art processing solution, that enables us to fund your transactions within one to two business days! We also make sure you are provided with a tailored, dedicated support team, which allows you and your business to navigate through the sometimes-confusing world of payment processing.

Interchange Pricing and Zero Cost Processing Plans

Our first pricing plan is Interchange plus a fixed percentage rate and transaction fee. This straightforward pricing structure enables business owners to understand what they are actually being charged for their merchant transactions. As well, your rates will never be raised unless Visa and/or MasterCard alter their own Interchange rates, which stabilizes your operating costs and allows you to accurately forecast business profitability.

Our second plan is a Zero Cost Processing option and is available to retail businesses and restaurants. This plan shifts the percentage rates over to your customers and saves your business a great deal of money, which is very helpful during all economic cycles.

Our plans are superior to deceptively advertised tiered pricing models, but how your business operates and how much you process in monthly credit card charges are the key ingredients that determine the best processing program. We are experts in payment processing and we understand that no singular pricing model, regardless of how beneficial it is, fits every type of business. This why we make sure every one of our merchants are set up with the correct program for their particular business.

Dedicated, Personalized Support Team

We fundamentally believe that every merchant should receive unparalleled support.  We understand running a business is not always simple and easy.  We also know many merchants are not experts in payment processing, which is why we use our expertise to provide tailored and sustainable care, that truly supports all our customers.  We do not believe merchants should have to wait days for an answer to a question that needs to be solved immediately. From the approval process, through the entire life of your merchant account, you will have a dedicated support team, that is committed to providing the type of service that delivers nothing less than total peace of mind in your payment processing experience.

Fast & Easy Set Up

We understand time is of the essence for most merchants, which is why we have an online application that is easy and straightforward.  This technology also allows us to approve your account within 2 to 24 hours.  As well, we are able to ship your processing equipment via overnight delivery, which enables our retail and mobile merchants to process credit cards within 72 hours of first contact with us.  For our internet merchants, and mail order/telephone order merchants, who receive their processing solution securely online, credit card acceptance can be achieved in 48 hours, literally, and we make sure these extremely fast time frames never compromise the integrity of the set-up process.

No Long-Term Contracts or Cancellation Fees

Our standard contract term is a month-to-month agreement, which gives our merchants the peace of mind that comes with flexibility.  We do not feel it is necessary to lock merchants into a long-term contract because we are extremely confident you will be completely satisfied with our service and support.  We also believe standard, early termination fees are an unnecessary, deceptive practice, especially since they are often buried in the fine print of processing agreements.  As with our rate plans, transparency is part of our agreements, which supports our fundamental mission to provide merchants with the service they need to run their businesses successfully.

Free, Best in Class Processing Solutions

No matter how you accept payments, we will provide the best processing solution for your business because we know which option will support you in the most effective manner possible. We also are aware that many merchants start their businesses on a very tight budget, which is why we provide our merchants with a free processing solution that is reliable, easy to use and has cutting edge technology. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a shopkeeper or you accept payments out in the field, we will make sure you receive the equipment you need to successfully process credit cards from your customers.

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