Processing Solutions

Our advanced, in-depth knowledge of payments allows us to
provide our merchants with the best, most cutting-edge
terminals and processing solutions available for their particular
business type.

Worry-Free Payment Processing

You will never have to worry about which terminal or processing solution is best for your business. Our Account Directors are experts in the field of payment processing and have an incredible amount of experience in this industry, which enables our clients to be set up with the correct solution for their specific type of business. We truly understand a business owner must be able to process their customers’ credit cards easily, quickly and securely, with a reliable terminal or processing solution that also has the best technology available.

  • Restaurant

    Our ultra-reliable terminal has cutting-edge technology that enables any type of restaurant to accept all major credit cards easily and quickly. This avoids any slow-down in processing the bills of your valued patrons. As with retail, our restaurant solution is EMV Chip compliant and NFC ready, which allows the processing of a transaction through your customer’s smart phone.

  • Retail

    We offer an ultra-reliable credit card terminal with cutting-edge technology that processes transactions as quickly as possible because less time between sales means more revenue. Our solution is also EMV Chip compliant and transactions can be seamlessly processed in conjunction with your customers’ smart phones via the unit’s NFC technology.

  • Mobile

    Our reliable wireless processing solution allows any merchant to sell wherever and whenever they need to operate successfully. Whether it’s “out in the field” or behind a countertop, our Bluetooth wireless credit card reader is EMV compliant and NFC ready, which gives our merchants the confidence and ability to effortlessly process transactions on their terms.

  • Phone / Mail Order

    Whether you accept your customers’ credit card information over the phone, email, mail, or text, our easy to use virtual terminal allows transactions to be processed safely and securely from any computer, phone or tablet that internet access. Our system also allows you to save your customers’ payment and shipping information for future orders and automatic billing options.

  • E-Commerce

    Our E-Commerce merchants are able to accept all major credit cards through their website or over the phone. Whether you need a seamless shopping cart integration with flexible APIs or you need a “Pay Now” button to sell a product or service, we provide everything essential for online transactions and our support team can assist with getting you up and running.

  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems

    We offer best-in-class POS systems with multiple solutions that cover the needs of today's business owners. Our point of sale offering is EMV compliant, NFC ready, fully customizable and allows merchants to accept customer payments quickly and seamlessly, while enabling its users to manage products, inventory and more with a wide selection of useful apps.

  • High Risk Merchant Accounts

    For those merchants who are considered high risk, ProMerchant is able to provide credit card processing that is fair, effective and most importantly, transparent. Transparency has historically been very problematic in high risk payment processing. However, here at ProMerchant, we have partnered with a high risk merchant account provider that believes in our core philosophy.

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