We provide the best solutions for our Retail merchants by focusing
on their unique payment processing needs, while saving them time
and money.

ProMerchant truly understands the needs of today’s retail merchants. Technology and processing methods are ever changing, and customers expect business owners to adapt quickly to the latest payment trends. This is why ProMerchant offers multiple solutions that fully address the current climate facing brick and mortar merchants, while still ensuring our clients receive fair and transparent rate plans with our pricing models.

Performance & Reliability That Sets the Standard for Credit Card Terminals

Verifone VX520ProMerchant is proud to offer our new retail merchants a FREE Verifone VX520 credit card terminal. The Verifone VX520 is a technologically advanced payment device, that offers simplicity, ease of use and super-fast processing speed.

  • EMV Compliance – The VX520 is EMV compliant, which enables Chip based credit card acceptance.
  • NFC – The VX520 has the ability to process NFC transactions, which allows payments from your customers’ smart phones.
  • Verix Operating System – Powered by the Verix operating system, the VX520 is one of the most trusted and widely used processing solutions in the United States.
  • Dual Mode – The VX520 is a dual mode terminal, which allows it to run on a standard phone line, an internet connection or through your wireless router.
  • Built in PIN-pad – The PIN-pad built into the VX520 allows for PIN debit sales without the need for additional hardware.
  • Super-fast Transactions – The processor contained in the VX520 allows for lightning fast transactions, which ensures minimal downtime between sales.
  • Built-In Thermal Printer – The VX520 contains a high speed, built in thermal printer, that allows easy “drop-in” loading of standard size paper rolls.
  • VeriShield Protection – The VX520 utilizes VeriShield Total Protect to provide end-to-end encryption and the necessary fraud protection.
  • Ease of Use – Easy-to-use and intuitive controls provide a simple operational experience.
  • Additional Applications – The robust memory capabilities of the VX520 allows for additional applications like loyalty and gift cards.


A Flexible, Mobile Smart Terminal That Allows Payments Beyond the Counter

PAX A90 Credit Card TerminalProMerchant understands certain businesses need the ability to accept a customer’s credit card from any location inside their store.  Our FREE PAX A920 is a sleek, smart terminal that has the necessary capabilities to service customers at any point of contact.

  • 5” Impact Resistant, High Definition Touchscreen – The PAX A920 clearly displays multiple options for processing and viewing transactions.
  • Operates via WiFi or 4G Connectivity – The PAX A920 has robust wireless technology that allows customers to pay without waiting in line.
  • E-Signature & Tip Functionality – Customers can electronically sign with their finger, and enter a tip amount if so desired, on the unit’s touch screen.
  • Cloud Based Technology – The PAX A920 provides merchants with peace of mind by saving all of their transaction information in the cloud.
  • Print Out or Email Receipts – Easily print out or send customers their receipts by email.
  • Reporting, Transaction History & Inventory – The PAX A920 allows merchants to view reports, transaction history and organize their inventory.
  • EMV Compliance – The PAX A920 allows for chip based transactions as well as standard magnetic stripe sales.
  • NFC Capabilities – The PAX A920 processes NFC transactions with the ease of a desktop terminal.
  • Gift Cards – Easily process gift cards from your customers.

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