Our Mission

To disrupt the world of payment processing by delivering expert
guidance, transparent pricing and best in class support to all

Why We Exist

At ProMerchant, we take an immense amount of pride in executing our purpose, which is to provide businesses with the best support and care possible, while leveraging our payment industry expertise to ensure they receive the best processing programs available.

We Are “Pro” Merchant

From our very first moment of contact with you, we will work to have a complete understanding of your business model by listening to you in a compassionate and competent manner. Then, we will proceed to fit you with an extremely low and transparent Interchange pricing structure, or even a Zero Cost Processing option, that supports your business in the most beneficial way possible.

ProMerchant is committed to providing you with the peace of mind that comes with clear, straight forward programs and free, powerful processing solutions that allow you to easily accept your customers’ credit cards. We are also focused on making sure your account is approved quickly and efficiently, without demands or unnecessary requests. And once you start processing card payments, we will assign a team of industry experts dedicated to your account, instead of just one person, which allows us to provide the personalized support needed to ensure your expectations of ProMerchant are always satisfied.

We Leverage Our Payments Expertise For Your Benefit

Our advanced, in-depth knowledge of payments allows us to set you up with the correct rate plan and processing system, that yield the highest degree of savings and prosperity possible. You will never have to worry about which terminal or solution is best for your business, or what type of rate structure will save you the most money.

We use our payment processing expertise to help solve these questions, while removing the guess work that often goes hand-in-hand with setting up all aspects of a merchant account. No matter how big or small your business is, we look forward to talking with you and delivering everything you need to achieve the highest level of success!

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