Wherever and whenever our mobile merchants need to accept
customer credit cards, we provide the solution that fits the
needs of their business.

Robust, State-of-the-Art and Easy-to-Use Mobile Payments Solution

PayAnywhere Mobile Credit Card Reader

The free PayAnywhere App and free Bluetooth credit card reader provide mobile and retail merchants with the ability to easily and seamlessly accept their customers’ credit card information anywhere at any time.

  • EMV Compliant – The PayAnywhere credit card reader accepts chip cards as well as magnetic stripe payments.
  • NFC – The PayAnywhere credit card reader has the ability to process NFC transactions, which enables payments from your customers’ smart phones.
  • Ultimate Flexibility – The free PayAnywhere App, used in conjunction with the free Bluetooth credit card reader, works with any Android or iPhone and allows merchants to accept their customers’ credit cards out in the field or from behind a countertop.
  • E-Signature – Capture customers’ signatures by having them use their finger to electronically sign the receipt on the smart phone’s screen.
  • Accept Payments Anywhere – Merchants are able to take payments anywhere, even if the smart phone has a weak or no internet connection. Offline transactions are saved and will be processed immediately upon returning to any coverage area.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – This reliable device easily connects to virtually any smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth Low Energy.


Simple, Robust Smart Phone App that Covers All Types of Transactions

PayAnywhere App

The PayAnywhere smart phone app provides all the functionality necessary to process credit cards and manage the transactions.

  • Email or Text Receipts – Easily send customers their receipts by email or text message.
  • Transaction History – The PayAnywhere app allows merchants to easily view transactions placed up to 3 years ago, resend receipts , process voids, and do returns.
  • Tip Functionality – Merchants have the ability to create tip prompts, add sales tax and customize tip amounts if so desired.
  • Information Available Online – The information contained in the PayAnywhere app is accessible online, at the secure PayAnywhere website, whereby merchants can view their transaction information and export it into various accounting software.


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