Industry Leading Pricing Plans

Our pricing model is based on two crucial elements, savings and transparency, and these are the factors that form the foundation of our two plans. The word “Interchange” is used to describe our first plan and refers to the base percentage rates and transaction fees charged by Visa and MasterCard for all credit cards utilized in the United States. A small, fixed percentage rate and transaction fee are then added onto the applicable Interchange rates charged by Visa and MasterCard. Our second plan is available to retail businesses and restaurants and is a Zero Cost Processing program. This plan shifts the percentage rates over to your customers and saves a tremendous amount of money for any business owner that utilizes this merchant focused structure.

Interchange Plus Fixed Rate

  • 100% Transparent, low pricing
  • Fixed percentage rate
  • Fixed transaction fee
  • Low monthly fees
  • Month-to-month agreement
  • No hidden fees


Zero Cost Processing

  • $0 overall processing cost
  • Flat percentage charged to customers
  • No PCI compliance fees
  • Small monthly fee
  • Month-to-month agreement
  • No hidden fees

Don’t Worry, We Leverage Our Payments Expertise for Your Benefit

Our advanced, in-depth knowledge of payments allows us to set you up with the best pricing plan option, which provides the highest degree of savings and prosperity possible for your business.  Our payment processing expertise gives you peace of mind by removing the guess work that often goes hand-in-hand with setting up a merchant account.  Even if you have processed credit cards before, it can still be frustrating trying to find the best program, that will save you the most money.  We truly understand this fact, which is why we streamlined our application process for new and existing businesses.  Our same day approvals and cost saving programs provide our merchants with the ability to avoid lost sales and income opportunities, and this is just one of the reasons why our clients feel secure in their decision to process credit cards with ProMerchant.

Interchange Plus Fixed Rate

Our Interchange Plus fixed rate pricing is a transparent, low cost plan, and we always welcome the chance to compare our model against your current provider’s fees.  Our easy to understand, cost analysis will show exactly where you could be saving more money for your business, while illuminating other costs you may not know are being charged under your existing program.  We will also breakdown, in a very clear manner, the Interchange rates that Visa and MasterCard charge and which ones will most commonly apply to your type of business.  Further, our low percentage rate and transaction fee, that are added on top of Interchange, are fixed!  We will never raise your rates, even if our own costs increase.  This way, you will always know, and you will always be able to verify, that our program is incredibly fair and completely transparent.

Zero Cost Processing

Our Zero Cost Processing option is available to retail and restaurant based businesses.  This plan shifts the cost of the percentage rates, encountered by most merchants, over to your customers.  This is a very fair pricing model because merchants are the ones who absorb much of the processing fees, that in essence pay for the points and other card benefits enjoyed by customers.  Passing on these percentage rate costs to the customers yields enormous cost savings and is rightly deserved for hard working business owners.  Both of our pricing options are incredibly transparent and customer focused, but many merchant account providers claim one pricing model is the best solution for all merchants, and this is simply not correct.  How your business operates and how much you charge your customers are the key ingredients that determine the best processing program for you and your business.  A one size fits all approach will not save money for every type of company and this mentality shows a true lack of understanding of the various rate structures that accompany a merchant account.  We are experts in payment processing and we make sure that every single one of our merchants are set up with the right rate structure that saves them the most money.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “Please allow me to thank ProMerchant on a job well done! Before opening my bakery, I had never owned a business in my life. I was pretty nervous about getting a merchant account because I didn’t really know that much about it. Sure, I’ve worked at other restaurants, where I had to run customer credit cards, but I still wasn’t clear on exactly what I needed to do in order to set this whole thing up. It was such an easy process and every question I’ve had, since setting up my account, is always answered by calling my account director. I’m up and running and everything I was told by ProMerchant is exactly the way things turned out to be, which is such a relief. Your team members really are experts at what they do and I can’t thank you enough for being so kind and helpful with me at every step of the way. Thank you."

    Elizabeth S., President of Tasty Bakery

  • "I am very happy to review my positive experience with ProMerchant. The support and care that my company received from their team was beyond anything I expected from a payments company. I have owned multiple businesses before opening Design Concepts and every interaction I had with various merchant account providers was average at best to incredibly frustrating at worst. I was certainly not expecting the expertise, honesty and level of care that was given to me by their representatives. I know what a fair rate plan looks like and I’m extremely satisfied with the straight forward and transparent nature of their program. Thank you again for helping my firm and I want you to know I’m planning to refer other business owners that I speak to about setting up an account with your company."

    Jonathan W., CEO of Design Concepts

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