Phone / Mail Order

We provide the perfect solution for our clients who accept
customer credit card information by telephone, mail, email,
or text.

Two Best-In-Class Options for Phone / Mail Order Merchants

ProMerchant is proud to offer two outstanding options for phone / mail order merchants to choose from in order to process customer credit cards easily and swiftly. Our knowledgeable team members will take the time to understand your business and explain the features and benefits of the below options and set you up with the optimal solution.

Payments Hub

payments hubPayments Hub Virtual Terminal provides easy-to-use technology that allows all types of business owners to easily and efficiently process their customers’ credit cards.

  • Virtual Terminal – Payments Hub allows merchants to “key-in” transactions that are received over the phone, mail, email, fax, text, or even in person.
  • Comprehensive Transaction Management – Merchants can easily access transaction records, run reports, print out, email or text customer receipts, process voids and do returns.
  • Part of Robust Management Tool – The Payments Hub Virtual Terminal is part of the Payments Hub secure website that provides tools specifically designed to help business owners successfully manage their merchant account.
  • No Monthly Software Costs – Unlike most virtual terminals and software programs, the Payments Hub Virtual Terminal does not have any monthly charges for the use of its system.



Authorize.Net has a wide array of features that provide the functionality necessary to conduct business at the highest level.

  • Virtual Terminal – Authorize.Net allows merchants to “key-in” transactions that are received over the phone, mail, email, fax, text, or even in person.
  • Easy Invoicing – Authorize.Net allows merchants to easily email invoices to their customers with a “click to pay” link, while also providing friendly reminders for open invoices if so desired.
  • QuickBooks Sync – Authorize.Net allows merchants to automatically sync their daily transactions into QuickBooks, which allows for easy reconciliation of credit card activity.
  • Automatic Recurring Billing – Authorize.Net gives merchants the ability to bill customers automatically each month, or on the frequency so desired, which eliminates the wasted time of constantly re-entering customer information.
  • Account Updater – For the cost of around a quarter for every revision, Authorize.Net is able update customer credit card information, in order to avoid unnecessary payment declines, interruptions and the costs associated with contacting customers for their new card numbers.


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